When do I need to switch to my Project Energy Supplier?

If applicable – CrowdCharge recommend that for the Project you initiate your switch to your Project energy supplier before 1st May 2021 (but the earlier the better once you have completed and returned your Participant Agreement) in anticipation of the participant trial start of 1st June 2021. CrowdCharge will then be able to give you […]

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My Project Energy Supplier can’t install my smart meter before the trial starts – is this an issue?

No, this is not an issue. As long as you have initiated the switch over to your project energy supplier, it does not matter that your smart meter has not be installed yet. We will be in contact with your supplier so will receive confirmation from them when your smart meter has been installed.  

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How will I claim my rewards when the trial starts?

CrowdCharge will automatically process your rewards if you complete at least 15 full (18:00-05:00) plug-ins per month as outlined in the Project information document and most recently your proposition information document. You will receive a Monthly Charging Summary email that will detail: Number of charge cycles How much energy (kWh) you have imported and exported […]

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