Will I be able to choose which energy supplier group I’m assigned to?

We will endeavour to match participants with their preferred energy supplier partner on the project if at all possible, however, to join the project participants accept that CrowdCharge will have the decision about which energy supplier participants are assigned to.

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Will I have to switch energy tariffs?

Participants may need to switch energy tariffs to the project partner energy suppliers’ V2G tariffs of the group they are assigned to for the duration of the project. During summer 2020 the project will confirm if this is a participant project requirement.

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Do I need a smart meter to participate?

Participants may need a smart meter installed to participate in the trial. This is dependent on which energy supplier group they are assigned to, and on the V2G service that the energy supplier operates as part of the trial period. It would be preferential for participants to have a smart meter. The project will have […]

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Will having a smart meter cause issues if I want to change energy suppliers after the trial?

It is your right to switch as a consumer, so no one can stop you from switching and you should not experience concerns switching energy supplier after the trial. Your new provider should check if your smart meter communicates to their network, or they should install a new one, if required.

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I have my EV for a fixed period (e.g. company car or lease). Can I still take part in the project?

Yes, you can still take part. It does not matter how far you are into your EV lease you are, as long as the period left on your leasing agreement goes up to or beyond March 2022. However, with the announcement of new participant trial dates [in Feb 2021], so running from from June 2021 […]

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