Why has my car not charged as expected?

This could be for several reasons:  Go into the Wallbox App and check whether your charger is locked. This is the middle button under the amp dial. If you charger is locked, CrowdCharge cannot recognise that you are plugged in and therefore schedule your charge. You can disable the “autolock” feature which should prevent you having to […]

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Why has my car not discharged?

Please check if you have set the Grid Code within the Wallbox smartphone application. Without a grid code, your charger will not be able to initiate a discharge. In the app please navigate to Configuration > Installation Options > UKG99 

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Why can I not ‘Charge now’ or ‘Pause’ charging in the CrowdCharge app?

It is highly likely that your charger is Offline. Please try and “Restart” the charger using the Wallbox smartphone app (Navigate to Configuration > Advanced Options > Restart). Once this has been completed, please use the Online Project Support Form to notify CrowdCharge and we can check if your charger is back online. 

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Why is my car starting to charge as soon as I plug it in, and not stopping after 10 seconds?

There could be several reasons for this:  You may be in “Charge Now” mode on the CrowdCharge App. If you press the ‘Charge now’ and then the  ‘save’ button below, you will remain in this mode for the next 24 hours. You can check what setting is saved by opening the CrowdCharge app and logging […]

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Why does my car stop charging when it reaches 95%?

95% is the maximum State of Charge that the Wallbox Quasar charger will charge your car up to. If you need the full 100%, please use a 3-pin charger for the last 5%.  

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