What is Vehicle to Grid?

Smart charging (V1G) enables control over the charging of EVs in a way which allows the charging power to be increased and decreased or started or stopped as instructed by the charge point demand management software. Vehicle to Grid (V2G) goes a step further and enables bi-directional charging so that the EV battery can be […]

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What is the difference between the new ‘Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid’ project and the first ‘Electric Nation’ project?

The original Electric Nation project successfully examined the impact of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging on local networks and also showed that smart charging is a highly effective way to mitigate any possible excessive demand. However, in the last two years bi-directional (or V2G) charging has emerged as a likely feature of the domestic EV charging […]

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How do I know if I am eligible for the trial?

To participate in the trial, you’ll need to satisfy the below requirements: Own or lease a new model Nissan LEAF (30kWh minimum), or a Nissan e-NV200, up until March 2022. Live within the region managed by network operator Western Power Distribution (WPD). This covers areas of the Midlands, South Wales and the South West: you […]

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What is the project application process?

The Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid recruitment qualification process is a 2 stage application process; we are not asking for immediate commitment. 1st – This is where the applicant applies via the application form, and is then initially qualified by CrowdCharge to be likely to be eligible for the project, pending their property electrical layout […]

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Why is the V2G charger only available for selected Nissan EV drivers?

Nissan has outpaced other car manufacturers by bringing V2G-compatible EV models to the market using CHAdeMO charging protocols, which are the only charging protocol that allows V2G charging at the moment. The new Nissan LEAF and the Nissan e-NV200 are currently the only vehicles which the Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid project will be supporting. […]

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Why is my Nissan EV not supported for the V2G charger?

Our agreement with Nissan currently only guarantees warranty coverage for the following: Nissan LEAF 30kWh, 40kWh, 62kWh Nissan e-NV200 40kWh

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Will the trial damage my EV’s battery and affect my Nissan battery warranty?

Research is ongoing with regards to the impacts of V2G on car batteries, however indications to date are encouraging and we will be working closely with Nissan to ensure the operation of the charger meets their closely controlled guidelines and protects the warranty. We would also use our V2G charging algorithm to minimise any battery […]

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