How long will I need to use the Wallbox app before using the CrowdCharge app?

You will schedule your charging on the Wallbox app up until 1st June. From June – August, CrowdCharge will optimise your charging so you will not have to use the Wallbox app at all. Instead, from 1st June, you can use the CrowdCharge App to managing your charging.

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Are there user instructions for the Wallbox Quasar charging and app?

Yes, CrowdCharge have designed some Wallbox app and user instructions available here.

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How will I manage my charging from June to August when the CrowdCharge app is used?

In May, CrowdCharge will be asking a number of charger operational questions to ascertain some key information. This will include: Your Minimum and Maximum State of Charge Typical Weekday plug in and unplug Typical Weekend plug in and unplug, Target Minimum State of Charge on unplug (weekday and weekend) As of 1st June, CrowdCharge will […]

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Will I have a say in how my car is charged during the fixed scheduling stage of the trial?

As well as providing CrowdCharge with the data above, you will also be given access to the CrowdCharge Web app which will give you the opportunity to select between 2 charging settings: “Charge Now”. With the “Charge Now” setting selected, once you have plugged in, the car will charge immediately to 100% state of charge […]

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Why does my car ‘pause’ charging at 97% and not go any higher?

Wallbox have confirmed that the Quasar charger model only allows participants to charge up to 97% State of Charge.

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