What is the aim of the Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid trial?

This project will, for the first time, operate up to five different energy supply V2G strategies simultaneously across 100 V2G chargers to imitate a future world where many people have EVs, V2G chargers and V2G energy services with their different energy suppliers. The Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid Project aims to explore the impact of […]

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What is the problem that needs solving?

The uptake of EVs is accelerating quickly and is expected to continue to do so. While the UK can generate enough electricity to charge these vehicles, charging more EVs would have a greater impact on local electricity networks, especially if it coincides with existing peak electricity demand which is usually between 06:00-08:00 and 17:00-20:00 on […]

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What is the proposed solution?

By using V2G chargers, a demand management provider (such as CrowdCharge) can remotely communicate with bi-directional chargers to charge and discharge the EV battery during peak and off-peak demand times. Some EV owners may be able to programme some of their preferences through the CrowdCharge app. This information will be used to charge the vehicle’s […]

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Who are the collaboration partners?

The Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid project is hosted by Western Power Distribution (WPD) and is delivered by the following collaboration partners: CrowdCharge – Project Lead In addition, there are supporting collaborators: EA Technology DriveElectric (a brand name of Fleetdrive Management) Four project energy partners Flexitricity Green Energy UK Igloo Energy Final partner TBA February […]

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Who is responsible for different parts of the project?

Western Power Distribution (WPD) The Distribution Network Operator (DNO) providing funding through the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) and Ofgem. WPD is overseeing the project. CrowdCharge The project lead responsible for project management, engagement, recruitment, installations and management of participants throughout the project including all customer-facing activity and managing all aspects of customer research, PR, marketing […]

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How is the project funded?

Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid is the customer-facing brand of Electric Nation PoweredUp, a Western Power Distribution (WPD) and Network Innovation Allowance funded project. WPD’s collaboration partner in the project is CrowdCharge.

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I’ve seen Electric Nation Powered Up referred to online, is this the same trial?

Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid Project is the customer facing name of WPD’s Electric Nation PoweredUp Project. Both these project names refer to the same project.

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Collaboration Partners

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