The Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid project has the potential to develop learning that can be applied by all relevant network licensees.


From a project of this scale there are multiple learning points that can be transferred between all relevant network licensees during the project lifecycle and upon the project’s closure.

The learning from the processing by the planning and design teams of the 90-110 charger connections can be shared with all relevant network licensees, which can be used by them to improve their connection process and subsequently their customers’ satisfaction. This is increasingly important as the technology becomes more widespread over the coming years, as the hardware costs inevitably fall and the available bi-directional energy services grow, moving V2G away from a project-only focus and into domestic properties.

The project aim of examining how sophisticated dynamic bi-directional energy services based on vehicle battery storage, from a variety of energy suppliers, is valuable for DNOs to anticipate and understand the energy suppliers’ customer proposition, so they can react accordingly and work concurrently with, as the services develop. The impact these services have on the LV network is transferable across network licensees and can aid their operational planning regarding infrastructure upgrades and the associated costs.


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