Wired Connections Troubleshooting

Check that the black Cat 5 cable plug is plugged in to your Internet router/box properly: to remove press down on the plastic spring-latch – reinsert firmly until you hear a “click”.

Your router will probably have multiple sockets for this type of plug.  Choose any one, except ones that may be marked with a red square or coloured red.

Confirm you have an internet connection from your router – e.g. using your home wi-fi.

Check that your charger is switched ON

A small metal box for the power supply to your charger was installed when your charger was installed.

The switches in it will look something like this.

Both the “Charger” and “Main Switch” should be pushed up firmly – they feel like they rock over a hump before they are fully up and ON.

If in doubt, switch off and then back on again.  You can confirm these switches are properly ON if you can charge your vehicle.

(Note the “Comms” switch may have been omitted and is not required for wired connections)

When you have done this contact Electric Nation by phoning 0330 390 0455 saying:

Or you can email the same message to Support@Drive-Electric.co.uk and we will contact you with the result.


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