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If you’re buying or leasing an electric vehicle (EV) – including pure electric and plug-in hybrid – you’re invited to become part of the Electric Nation community. If you join Electric Nation you will get a free* smart charger. The Electric Nation project is trialling a smart charging solution so you’ll also be helping to make sure our electricity networks can cope with the increasing numbers of electric vehicles expected in the future. Participation in the Electric Nation trial will be limited to those living in the Midlands, South West and South Wales.



Electric nation is trialling a solution to manage ev charging challenges

The UK electricity system has sufficient capacity to deliver energy to electric vehicles, however recent research suggests that if clusters of EVs develop in local areas and they’re all charged simultaneously then some local electricity networks may require costly reinforcement.

A smart charging system, such as the one being trialled in Electric Nation, could alleviate the stress on the electricity network caused by clusters of EVs charging at the same time.

Electric Nation is recruiting 500 to 700 people buying or leasing any model of EV (including pure electric or plug-in hybrid) to take part in the largest trial of its kind.

Trial participants will get a free* smart charger installed

Benefits include:

The smart charger is yours to keep after the end of the Electric Nation trial.



What will the trial involve?

About Electric Nation

The Electric Nation project aims to provide local electricity network operators with the tools to ensure that their networks can cope with charging increasing numbers of electric vehicles, whilst avoiding the expense and disruption of digging up roads to replace cables.

*Subject to eligibility and conditions, please see the Electric Nation website for more information

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