Will the trial damage my EV’s battery and affect my Nissan battery warranty?

Research is ongoing with regards to the impacts of V2G on car batteries, however indications to date are encouraging and we will be working closely with Nissan to ensure the operation of the charger meets their closely controlled guidelines and protects the warranty. We would also use our V2G charging algorithm to minimise any battery degradation. As Nissan is the only manufacturer to include V2G operation as part of its warranty this was a major factor in using the Nissan LEAF and Nissan e-NV200 for this trial.

When we confirm which V2G charger we will be using for the trial, we will ensure the Project Hardware, energy services and profiles that we intend to trial on the Project will not invalidate your warranty. We will not utilise your EV as part of the Customer Trial until your battery warranty is covered with Nissan. In the instance your battery warranty is not authorised for use with the Project V2G hardware/services we will notify you immediately.

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