Who is responsible for different parts of the project?

Western Power Distribution (WPD)

The Distribution Network Operator (DNO) providing funding through the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) and Ofgem. WPD is overseeing the project.


The project lead responsible for project management, engagement, recruitment, installations and management of participants throughout the project including all customer-facing activity and managing all aspects of customer research, PR, marketing and dissemination of learning for the project.

CrowdCharge is also responsible for providing an end-user support helpline during the trial, along with procurement and installation of V2G charging equipment, the end user interface and charging management platform and data analysis, among other tasks.

CrowdCharge has extensive experience in the above areas including with previous EV grid projects such as My Electric Avenue and Electric Nation (2016-2019), providing a demand management control system for the latter project across 350 smart chargers. CrowdCharge has also spent two years working with a respected and experienced Japanese vehicle to home (V2H) supplier, with over 6,000 units installed in Japan, and has successfully adapted this hardware for the UK market; the hardware is UK grid compliant and was deployed in a mini-V2G trial within the Electric Nation project.


DriveElectric is responsible for helping CrowdCharge during project recruitment. DriveElectric successfully recruited 674 participants for the first Electric Nation smart charging trial.

EA Technology

EA Technology is responsible for modelling of low voltage (LV) network impact for future EV charging scenarios and to support development of policy recommendations during the project’s dissemination stage.

Energy suppliers

There will be four project energy suppliers will partner with CrowdCharge on the project and will be managing various groups of chargers. CrowdCharge will allocate participants to the onboard suppliers.

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