What rewards can I earn as part of the trial?

On top of receiving a free V2G charger worth £5,500 to use for the duration of the trial, there is also a minimum reward of up to the monetary value of £120 available for completion of all trial participation parameters over the one year trial period from June 2021 and ending in June 2022.

This will be split into 12 monthly payment values from £10* pcm with contingencies applied of 15 full charging cycles being completed monthly to be eligible. To be eligible a participant’s EV must be plugged in continuously from 18:00 to 05:00 for a minimum of 15 times per month. If the EV is disconnected at any point during this period, it will not count towards the monthly total of full cycles.

The value of this reward is likely to be higher, which is why the monetary value of £10 is stated as the minimum. CrowdCharge is currently developing propositions with the confirmed 4 energy supplier partners which we are onboarding to the trial and these reward values will be confirmed in the individual energy supplier Proposition documents.

The CrowdCharge platform will also maximise other available revenue streams available to the EV driver once obligations to the network operator have been fulfilled.

*The full details of the ‘reward’ are to be confirmed for each supplier once they have been onboarded. Each eligible participant will receive the minimum reward to the monetary value of £10 per month for the duration of the one year trial. The total reward will be confirmed with our energy supplier partner, but, 12 monthly payments will be made available if the participant meets the monthly criteria. If a participant does not meet the requirements for a month they will miss out on that month’s reward sum. CrowdCharge has the right to change the trial reward and amounts at any point. We will give participants one month’s notice of this.

Note: All pricing subject to change with one month’s notice. Pricing correct as of June 2020.

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