What is the proposed solution?

By using V2G chargers, a demand management provider (such as CrowdCharge) can remotely communicate with bi-directional chargers to charge and discharge the EV battery during peak and off-peak demand times. Some EV owners may be able to programme some of their preferences through the CrowdCharge app. This information will be used to charge the vehicle’s battery at a time or rate best suited to the network but within the car owner’s tolerances. i.e. it would never discharge below the minimum driving range that the trial participant would be able to set.

Local network operators could use this type of service when local networks are stressed as an alternative to replacing their infrastructure (e.g. cables in roads). Data gathered from the trial will be used to help local network operators identify which parts of their network are most at risk as EV ownership increases and how these different V2G services can be part of the solution.

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