What is the project application process?

The Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid recruitment qualification process is a 2 stage application process; we are not asking for immediate commitment.

1st – This is where the applicant applies via the application form (recruitment and qualification of new applications closed in March 2021), and is then initially qualified by CrowdCharge to be likely to be eligible for the project, pending their property electrical layout survey.

If you pass this 1st qualification stage, then the potential participant is sent an Expression of Interest form with initial project terms and conditions. You will not be held accountable to these Terms & Conditions. At this stage, this is simply to make you aware of the Terms & Conditions of the Project and what is required from you as a Project Participant.

By completing the EOI form and returning proof of EV ownership and address documents, the potential participant is happy in principle with the project outline at this stage.

2nd – Once we have confirmation of the specific tariff offers for the project from energy suppliers, we will inform relevant potential participants – you will have the opportunity to consider whether this is suitable for your circumstances, and whether to accept a place on these terms. At any point you may decide to discontinue your application.

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