What is a ‘full charge cycle’?

We would encourage participants to plug in their Nissan EV whenever the vehicle is at home, even if a charge isn’t required.

A full charge cycle is plugging in an EV and leaving it connected to the V2G charger during the hours of 18:00 through to 05:00 the next day*. If the EV is disconnected at any point during this period, it will not count towards the monthly total of full cycles.

To be eligible to receive a monthly reward in each of the 12 months during the live trial period up to the monetary value of a minimum** of £10 per month, then a minimum of 15 full charging cycles per month should be completed.

To remain on the trial a minimum of 10 full charging cycles must be completed per month to adhere to the trial participation parameters.

NOTE: All pricing subject to change without notice. Correct as of June 2020.

*Timings subject to change as the project develops. This term ‘full’ does not mean your EV will charged to ‘full’ each time you complete a charge cycle; it just refers to the charge cycle process. You would input your minimum discharge range and also what final charge state is required for the next day via the CrowdCharge app to determine your charge status at the end of the charging cycle. If the participant does not meet the requirements for a month they will miss out on that month’s reward sum.

**Each eligible participant will receive the minimum reward to the monetary value of £10 per month for the duration of the one-year trial, from June 2021 – June 2022. The full details of the ‘reward’ will be confirmed with our energy supplier partners as they are onboarded to the project.

NOTE: The ability to earn the rewards incentive will commence on the initiation of the customer trial in June 2021, for a one-year period, concluding in June 2022. If you do not complete 15 charge cycles per month, you will not receive the incentive reward unless otherwise stated in your allocated energy supplier proposition document. You will be allowed to remain on the trial assuming you complete the minimum of 10 charge cycles.

Customer trial start date may be delayed due to COVID-19 outbreak and Government guidance. CrowdCharge will inform all participants of any updates.


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