Is the project free to join?


The project will pay for the installation of the V2G charger (this usually costs up to £1,000) assuming your property falls into the standard installation criteria.  This includes:

If any additional work is required to allow for the installation of the V2G charger, we will ask you to cover the additional cost of this. CrowdCharge will also review the extra cost issued by the installer. The installer will inform you of this additional cost upfront for your acceptance.

More information on this is detailed under the FAQ ‘Will I have to pay for installation?’.

V2G charger hardware

The recommended retail price (RRP) of the V2G charger is estimated to be £5,500. The project V2G charger is free to use for the duration of the trial, concluding in March 2022. If you would then like to keep the project hardware after the trial ends, you are able to have the ownership transferred to you for a small transfer fee as detailed in the Project Exit fees.

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