If I move property can I take the charge point with me? Will I still be able to continue to participate in the trial?

If you move to a new house during the trial, then you can take your charger with you although you will have to pay for CrowdCharge’s V2G-approved installer to move it otherwise this will affect the charger’s warranty. You can then continue to participate in the trial. However, you must check that you are still within the project’s location limits of the WPD area; this includes the Midlands, South Wales and the South West.

Please let CrowdCharge know if you are moving to a new house so that it can keep its records up to date. CrowdCharge will also be able to help you find a qualified installer to move your charge point. Any incurred costs during this process will be solely down to the participant.

If you move before the end of the trial and you will not be continuing participation in the trial, then you are required to let CrowdCharge know and you will be asked to pay an early exit fee. The exact amount will be calculated on a case-by-case basis according to the length of time that you participated in the trial and is outlined in the exit fees.

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