How do I know if I am eligible for the trial?

To participate in the trial, you’ll need to satisfy the below requirements:

  1. Own or lease a new model Nissan LEAF (30kWh minimum), or a Nissan e-NV200, up until the end of the trial (was March 2022, now June 2022 for all new applicants. This falls in line with the new trial dates revised in February 2021).
  2. Live within the region managed by network operator Western Power Distribution (WPD). This covers areas of the Midlands, South Wales and the South West: you can check your eligibility here.
  3. Own your home where the charger would be installed (or business address), or if you rent have written permission from your landlord to have the charger installed.
  4. Have off-street parking (which, if asked, you can prove you have the legal right to park there).
  5. Commit to using the V2G charger as your primary method of home charging and to participate in the trial until June 2022.

When you become a participant in the Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid trial, to remain eligible you’ll need to make sure the V2G charger is the main method of charging your EV. If it’s not, then CrowdCharge has the right to remove the charger, and your participation will be terminated.

If a participant leaves before the end of the trial in June 2022 a trial exit fee is applicable. The exact amount will be calculated according to the length of time that you participated in the trial, however this could be an exit fee of up to £2,000 and the charger will be removed. You can view the exit fees here.

NOTE: All pricing subject to change without notice. Correct as of March 2021.

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