*NEW* V2G Project (2020-2022)

Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid trial shows that the EV street of the future may be here sooner than we think

Applications to join the Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid (V2G) trial suggest that clustering of electric vehicles (EVs) may already be more common than many people expect. The project aims to demonstrate how V2G technology can provide a solution to potential electricity grid capacity issues as the numbers of EVs increase. Nearly 20% of applicants […]

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New Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid project Launches

Western Power Distribution (WPD), in partnership with CrowdCharge, is today launching the next phase of Electric Nation with a new Vehicle to Grid (V2G) trial across the Midlands, South West and South Wales. The electric vehicle trial is opening up recruitment for domestic V2G users by offering the free installation of smart chargers worth £5,500 […]

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