About the eVolt Smart Home Charge Point

Compact and easy to install, the eVolt Smart Home Charge Point will give participants on the Electric Nation trial a durable and rigorously-tested charging solution. Able to withstand tough environmental conditions, participants can select whether to install the Charge Point indoors or outdoors to suit their requirements – and with the knowledge that its small nature will not get in the way of everyday activities.

Single outlet and wall-mounted, the Smart Home Charge Point provides up to 7kW, 32A (AC) of power and fully charges an EV in 5 – 6 hours, depending on battery size; while the ability to provide a secure connection back to the power network (becoming ‘Smart’) occurs through the Charge Point’s simple Ethernet port connection.

Once the connection to a residential property’s router is established no extra configuration is required. From then the Charge Point and the power grid are able to seamlessly communicate via encrypted messages (in the form of algorithms) that determine the quantity of power allocated to it. Once a message is received, the Charge Point indicates to the vehicle that the maximum allowed charging level has been reduced, and this forces the vehicle to alter its demand level to ensure the distribution of power throughout the region is even and does not spike to unsustainable levels.

eVolt is the SWARCO Group’s eMobility brand. For more information please go to www.swarco.com/apt/Products-Services/eMobility

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