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Western Power Distribution (WPD)


Project DNO


Western Power Distribution (WPD) is the distribution network operator for the Midlands, South West England and South Wales, and is responsible for delivering electricity to approximately 7.8 million customers in the UK. WPD is not an electricity supply company and does not bill customers in the UK. Its responsibility is to distribute electricity from the point of generation to homes and businesses.



CrowdCharge is the project lead with tasks including:

  • Project management
  • Engagement and management of participants through the project lifecycle
  • Recruitment of up to five energy suppliers, each to manage a group of 20-30 chargers
  • Collection of EV charging data via CrowdCharge platform
  • Analysis of charger data and behaviour patterns
  • Supply of data/charging profiles for use in the Network Assessment Tool (NAT)
  • Modelling of the effect of smart control
  • Procurement and installation of V2G charging equipment and associated V2G hardware of controllers/home metering equipment
  • End user interface and charging management platform
  • Load balancing algorithm and management
  • End user support helpline and technical support during the trial
  • Fault reporting and analysis/lessons learned.


CrowdCharge is a digital platform to manage multiple electric vehicle chargers to provide EV owners with cheaper and greener electricity, while at the same time reducing the impact from EV charging on the electricity grid – in the UK and globally.

CrowdCharge has been working with UK electricity networks (Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Western Power Distribution) since 2013 to understand and implement solutions for aggregated smart EV charging. CrowdCharge incorporates sophisticated technology and real-world driver experience and has extensive relationships within the industry and experience globally.



DriveElectric is helping with recruitment of trial participants


DriveElectric is an electric vehicle leasing company, helping organisations and individuals to adopt EVs to save money, lower emissions and transition to low carbon energy since 2008, providing support throughout the process including:

  1. Practical ‘real-world’ fleet reviews, focusing on vehicles with lower whole-life costs
  2. EV trials to allow drivers to experience for themselves why EVs are better to drive
  3. Charging advice and solutions, including grant signposting
  4. Leasing of all electric cars and vans
  5. Ongoing expert support to ensure zero emission EV fleets are cost-effective.

EA Technology


EA Technology project tasks include:

  • Modelling of network impact for future scenarios
  • Support engagement with energy suppliers and aggregators
  • Support development of policy recommendations during the project’s dissemination stage.


EA Technology is the recognised UK authority on the impact of electric vehicles (EVs) on the electricity network, and the pioneer of smart solutions to mitigate this impact. Through its Smart Interventions business it delivers innovative end-to-end solutions to facilitate the introduction of low carbon technologies to future proof electricity networks, resulting in lower cost connections, prompt adoption and reduced risk to business.

Collaboration Partners

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