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Who are Wallbox?

Wallbox is a leading energy management company that manufactures smart electric vehicle charging solutions to improve the way we manage, use, and store energy.

What is Wallbox’s mission statement?

Wallbox are a team of dreamers, doers, and makers dedicated to unblocking the adoption of EVs today so that we can unlock the possibilities of more sustainable energy use tomorrow. Wallbox believe the first step in this journey is creating solutions that make electric vehicle charging easier for everyone. Wallbox wants its customers to be as excited about their chargers as they are about their EVs.

Where is the future heading for Wallbox?

Wallbox envisions a world free from fossil fuels. Through technology, Wallbox will empower people to create, use, and share renewable energy in ways they never imagined.

Why have Wallbox created the Quasar?

When it comes to energy, there is one matter everyone agrees on: the world will need more of it. This leads to the urgency of increasing renewable sources of energy that are not only greener, but also aren’t dependent on unstable weather conditions. Being able to store energy is part of the energy revolution – and car batteries are powerful energy banks that can help. To give an idea, a standard lithium battery with a 7kWh of storage capacity, commonly sold among solar PV systems, will provide less than 1/5 of a Nissan Leaf battery capacity, with 40 kWh. If we are able to use the EV battery to more than “just” drive, a new world of possibilities opens up. It allows us to use the car to feed energy back to the home, power domestic appliances, power the grid, support utility companies and generate money.

What is the Quasar’s value proposition?

Quasar is the World’s smallest and lightest bidirectional charger designed for home use. Its award-winning technology allows you to charge and discharge the EV so the car battery can be used to power the home (V2H) or the grid (V2G).

Quasar converts the car battery into a powerful energy storage unit which can be used to power domestic appliances for example, when renewable energy supplies are limited by the weather conditions. It can also be used to return energy back to the grid to support the overall demand and generate money.

Combining innovation and design, Quasar is a step forward into tomorrow’s smart way of using sustainable energy, enabling more power for the urgent energy revolution.

What are Quasar’s confirmed specifications?


Colour: Black
Dimensions: 350x350x150mm
Product Weight: 15,5kg (without cable) / 22 kg (with cable)
Packaging Weight: 27 kg
Cable length: 5 m
Operating temperature: -25ºC to 40ºC
Storage temperature: -40ºC to 70ºC


Maximum charging power: 7,4 kW
Maximum discharging power: 7,4kW
Rated Current: Configurable from 6 A to 32 A
AC Voltage range: 230 V ± 15%
DC Voltage range: 150 V – 500 V
Protection Rating: IP54 / IK08
Connector type: CHAdeMO


Connectivity: Wi-Fi / Ethernet / Bluetooth / Optional: 3G-4G
Charger Status Information: Colour Screen / RGB LEDs

NOTE: There are two different models of the Wallbox Quasar charger which may be trialled.
The Quasar ‘standard’ and ‘business’ are the two different models. The project participant will not be able to choose which Quasar model is installed.

How do you install the Wallbox Quasar?

Quasar was designed for a simple installation. Like any other smart EV charger, it requires a certified electrician. The Electric Nation Vehicle to Grid project has several qualified and trained installers.

Once there is an electrical connection where the charger is to be installed, it’s a  two-step process: the first is the wall-plate installation, and the second is attaching the product to the wall-plate. This allows the installer to install Quasar without having to open the product hardware, providing a safer and much more practical installation.


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