Latest Electric Nation updates at LCNI 2018

Electric Nation launched its new ‘What we’ve learnt so far’ publication at the 2018 Low Carbon Networks Innovation (LCNI) Conference in Telford which took place on 16 & 17 October.

Electric Nation at LCNI 2018

This brochure contains some interim findings in the area of participant customer research. Electric Nation is learning a lot about drivers’ charging behaviours by using data from their smart chargers to understand the potential mass impacts on electricity distribution networks, and how these might change depending on plug-in vehicle types and battery sizes in the future – as the mix of pure EVs v Plug-in Hybrids is likely to change.

The ‘What we’ve learnt so far’ brochure is available as a PDF download in the Resources section of our website.

Nick Storer, Electric Nation’s Project Manager, also gave a presentation at the event about these findings, and about latest progress with the project overall.

Also at LCNI, there was a lot of interest in the new Network Assessment Tool, which can forecast the potential impact of EV take-up on particular low voltage (LV) substations across the WPD license area. The project team was busy providing demonstrations of this tool to delegates at LCNI.

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