Western Power Distribution Smart Charging Video

Western Power Distribution has produced an animated video about the growth of electric vehicles and smart charging which can be viewed on the Electric Nation home page: www.electricnation.org.uk

Electric Nation WPD Smart Charging Video

The video explains how more of us are moving from driving petrol and diesel vehicles to driving electric vehicles, as lower costs and air quality concerns in cities have accelerated growth – with millions of EVs expected on our roads by 2030.

If we all charge at peak times recent studies suggest there may be pressure on some local electricity distribution systems.

A solution – using smart charging – can help manage this problem.

By controlling when and how fast we charge EVs we can relieve pressure on these networks.

The video also explains that energy stored in EV batteries could be put back into the local electricity network when needed. Lots of solutions working together could help manage network capacity more efficiently.

The Electric Nation smart charging project is working with between 500 and 700 households – one of many things that WPD is doing to get ready for EVs.

The video appears on the Electric Nation home page:








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