Electric Nation at Ecobuild 2018

Electric Nation is due to be presented at Ecobuild 2018, which takes place from 6-8 March at ExCeL, London. Mark Dale, Innovation and Low Carbon Networks Engineer, Western Power Distribution, is delivering a talk during the session entitled ‘Integrating electric vehicles into the built environment’, from 15.00-16.15 on 7 March in the Energy & HVAC area.

Electric Nation smart charging

Mark will talk about why home EV smart charging – which allows demand management – is important to protect local electricity networks as the numbers of electric vehicles rise. The talk will be useful for anyone involved in the area of the built environment, including planning. Visit our Resources page to download our Smart Charging Guide Summary.

More information about Ecobuild’s ‘Integrating electric vehicles into the built environment’ seminar

In an attempt to tackle rising fears around poor air quality, the government recently announced a ban on all new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2040. To replace these vehicles, the government is keen to boost the uptake of electric vehicles, and future Government and industry projections estimate 50% of cars sold in the UK will be electric vehicles by 2026. With this in mind, how will the market develop, what will be the role of the built environment, what are the challenges of implementing the infrastructure and charging points, how will the vehicles be charged and powered, and what are the implications, challenges and opportunities for integrating EVs into the built environment at varying scales?


Matthew Rhodes, Independent Consultant and Chair, Energy Capital

Understanding the implications for mass EV roll out – the manufacturer’s perspective

Barnaby Powell, Infrastructure Policy Advisor, Office for Low Emission Vehicles

Case study: ‘Electric Nation’ trial – working with 700 EV owners to develop smart charging solutions

Mark Dale, Innovation and Low Carbon Networks Engineer, Western Power

Integrating EVs into the built environment at scale – what are the opportunities?

Keith Budden, Head of Business Development, Cenex

Understanding the opportunities and barriers and the connections to the wider energy system

Matthew Rhodes, Independent Consultant and Chair, Energy Capital

Ecobuild 2018 features a comprehensive conference programme and eight unique ‘futurebuild districts’ that will each explore a different aspect of the built environment including building performance, infrastructure and energy. Each district has an exhibition of the leading suppliers, a seminar theatre and inspiring feature areas.

Find out more at: www.ecobuild.co.uk

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