Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill

The Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill has had its first reading in Parliament on 18 October (no debate), with the second reading (with debate) on 23 October.

Electric Nation smart charger Nottingham

The following sections relates to smart charge points:

12 Smart charge points

(1) Regulations may provide that a person must not sell or install a charge point unless it complies with prescribed requirements.

(2) The requirements that may be imposed under subsection (1) include requirements relating to the technical specifications for a charge point, including for example the ability of a charge point –

(a) to receive and process information provided by a prescribed person,

(b) to react to information of a kind mentioned in paragraph (a) (for example, by adjusting the rate of charging or discharging),

(c) to transmit information (including geographical information) to a prescribed person,

(d) to monitor and record energy consumption,

(e) to comply with requirements relating to security,

(f) to achieve energy efficiency, and

(g) to be accessed remotely.

(3) Regulations under subsection (1) may also prescribe requirements to be met in relation to the sale or installation of a charge point.

(4) In this section –

(a) “sell” includes let on hire, lend or give;

(b) references to a prescribed person include references to –

(i) a person of a prescribed description, and

(ii) a device operated by one or more prescribed persons.

To view the Bill itself:

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The Electric Nation project has been providing electric vehicle owners with smart chargers in order to trial the technology and the associated demand management systems. The target was to recruit 700 EV drivers and the project is now on track to achieve this number, therefore applications to take part from now on will go on a reserve list.

EA Technology is one of the leading authorities on smart charging, having trialled the technology in the My Electric Avenue and Electric Nation projects.


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