Electric Nation featured in Electrical Energy Storage magazine

The Electric Nation project has been featured in Electrical Energy Storage (EES) magazine.

Electric Nation test rig

The article explains how an electric vehicle can more than double the demand on the local electricity network from a home when charging at peak times. If many homes in a local area adopt EVs, and they all charge at peak times, then this will have a significant impact on the local electricity network.

The costs to reinforce such local networks – e.g. through replacing cables, overhead lines or substation equipment – has been estimated to be at least £2.2 billion by 2050.

However it is expected that such costs can be avoided in many instances by the widespread adoption of smart chargers, which can facilitate managed charging at times of peak demand.

Electric Nation is recruiting 500 to 700 customers for a trial of ‘smart charging’ and demand management systems. Demand management could offer network operators an alternative solution to conventional reinforcement by ensuring the additional demand from EV charging is managed within existing network capabilities.

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