Tesla excites at EA Technology Open Day

EA Technology celebrated 50 years of engineering innovation at its Open Day today, 16 September. Displaying a range of electric vehicles (EVs) alongside the recently launched Electric Nation EV demand control test rigs, vehicles featured include the newly released Tesla Model X SUV and Tesla Model S, as well as the BMW i3 and i8, Mitsubishi Outlander, Mercedes C350E and Vauxhall Ampera.



EA Technology is the recognised UK authority on the impact of electric vehicles (EVs) on the electricity network, and the pioneer of smart solutions to mitigate this impact. Government bodies and major organisations in the low carbon vehicle sector seek advice and knowledge from EA Technology on all related aspects of EVs and the grid. EA Technology’s landmark My Electric Avenue project found that across Britain, 32% of local electricity networks (312,000 circuits) will require intervention when 40% – 70% of customers have EVs due to the increased demand; new demand control technology could reduce the cost of managing this by around £2.2 billion up to 2050; the vast majority of customers in the trials accepted having their EV charging remotely controlled and cycled.

EA Technology is now a lead partner in Electric Nation, the world’s largest EV trial that will revolutionise domestic plug-in vehicle charging. By engaging up to 700 plug-in vehicle drivers in trials, Electric Nation is pioneering our electric future.

Electric Nation is the customer-facing brand of CarConnect, a Western Power Distribution (WPD) and Network Innovation Allowance funded project. WPD’s collaboration partners in the project are EA Technology, DriveElectric, Lucy Electric Gridkey and TRL.

The Electric Nation project will develop and deliver a number of smart charge solutions to support plug-in vehicle uptake on local electricity networks. A key outcome will be a tool that analyses plug-in vehicle related stress issues on networks and identifies the best economic solution. This ‘sliding scale’ of interventions will range from doing nothing to smart demand control, from taking energy from vehicles and putting it back into the grid, to traditional reinforcement of the local electricity network where there is no viable smart solution.

The results of this project will be of interest and will be communicated to the GB energy/utility community, to UK government, to the automotive and plug-in vehicle infrastructure industry and to the general public.

Dave Roberts, Director of EA Technology’s Smart Interventions business, commented “EA Technology’s first 50 years can be characterised by just one word: innovation. This is set to continue with Electric Nation, the largest electric vehicle project in the world. EA Technology produced one of the first prototype electric cars in the 1960s. It’s great to see Tesla here today as a prime example of the advancement of engineering and energy technologies, in support of a low carbon and sustainable future for us all.”

EA Technology’s future is bright and is likely to be characterised by continued innovation. Without question, the energy sector is one of the most exciting areas for innovators in the world right now. The challenge of reducing energy costs, increasing reliability of supply and reducing carbon emissions, combine to create a fertile landscape for the amazingly creative and motivated people of EA Technology. Integration into multi-vector energy management across heating, gas, electricity and transport will drive the development of new systems and technologies. Localisation of energy generation, distribution and consumption will see changes in the structure of the market place.

EA Technology’s future vision, based on its rich heritage, is ambitious and it will continue to embrace the challenges ahead. Here’s to the next 50 years of innovation!

For more information about EA Technology, visit http://www.eatechnology.com

For more information about Electric Nation, visit www.electricnation.org.uk

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